Sacred Seed Tassel Mala

  • Find tranquility and inner peace in the simplicity of this mala made from natural rudraksha seeds. In Sanskrit, rudraksha means "tears of Shiva" and these are considered to be sacred sources of vibrational energy. Use this mala to achieve a deeper state of meditation and focus on your path to enlightenment.

  • ▼8 mm natural rudraksha beads
    ▼Clear quartz crystal guru bead
    ▼Hand-knotted on nylon thread with a cotton tassel
    ▼Total length: 44" (111 cm) approx.
    ▼Hangs above the belly button for the average adult

    Every piece is special & unique made from natural gemstones (crystals) with variations adding to their beauty. All pieces are cleansed and charged before being sent to you. Please exercise caution when using crystals as a method of natural healing - use at your own discretion.

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